Hello world, I have a program created with PHP and its output is printed on screen using IE6. Now, what I'm seeing on screen I want to print on paper, but on paper in the right margin the printer prints a very bold vertical line and on top of the page the printer prints a fine line. The right bold line I'm seeing on screen when I'm clicking on Print Preview in IE6, but in print preview I'm not seeing the thin line on top. In my program I didn't include these lines to be print. Can anyone tell me what's going on and help me? I think that an option in IE6 is the problem, but I don't know how to solve it! Thanks.


I assume that other things are printing to your printer just fine, and that IE can print something like foxnews.com just fine.

It is my *guess* that data is not reaching the print driver properly, or that the driver is not interpreting things properly.

Does Print Preview show the data you are trying to print properly?

Is this on a public website that someone else (me) could look at the data and try printing it? I am also wondering if Netscape / Mozilla will print it properly for you. You could also use a postscript driver, print to a .ps file, and see if Ghostscript reveals what you are looking for.

Let us know.


Hi. In the attach I've captured the screen from Print Preview in IE6. Look on the right side! Could you see that bold line? I don't understand what's going on! And anything I'm trying to print from IE or an e-mail this line appears! No, the raport isn't on public, but anyway, anything I'm trying to print from Net, the line is printing, too.
And I have another problem: I'm trying to see my raport with Mozilla or Opera or Nescape, but those browsers show my source code, not the output (I'm using a MySql database, too; could be this the problem or I have to install something to see the output from PHP?); it's strange, because a PHP program generate HTML code that can be interpreted by any browser!