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I have a got a Desktop and a Laptop connected through a Linksys Router. Both the systems have WINDOWS Vista installed. I would like to share a Folder and all the files contained in it . I request you all to kindly guide me through the complete procedure to be done on both the systems.

While searching online for a solution ..... a guy was asking me to put the folder in the PUBLIC FOLDER ...but this would create a copy and waste of Hard Disk memory.

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If you click START, than click NETWORK, that is the only way i know of how to share folders...yes i think it does create a copy, but you can delete it after you get it on the other computer...for me, i got 500GB hard drive and putting stuff in the PUBLIC FOLDER is nothing...

If you dont know how to do this, i can write a guide for you to follow...

There is a way to be able to share the files without having to copy them on your hard drive. All you have to do is share the folder that you have the files in.

In order to do this you need to make sure you have windows file and printer sharing enabled. you can then right click and share the actual folder without copying contents,
I am currently not in front of my vista computer at the moment, but when I am I will post up a procedure on how to share your folders in vista :) hope it will help.

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Here is the guide to share a folder in Vista:

1. Go to START --> Control Panel --> Network and Sharing Center

2. Click on the 'V' button and turn file sharing on. The best option for this really depends on what you want the people to be able to do with your files.
If you want them to:
a. Only be able to use the files but not change them, use the first option.
b. Want them to open and be able to save and change the files, use the second option.

3. Right click on the folder that you want to share and select the 'Share...' option

4. In the top drop down box, select what user account you want to be able to access the files (the account that you use should have a password, as windows doesn't like having a blank password when trying to access share folders)

5. Click the 'add' button

6. In the box below under 'permission level' select what level of access that user has:

a. reader - cannot change the file in any way, but can copy and open the file
b. Contributor - can edit, modify and delete the file as well as open it
c. Co-Owner - is able to perform all mentioned tasks and be able to take control of the folder and change who can access it

7. Click the 'Share' button.

8. In the next window take note of the path in grey. Take '\\snikey\NeroTemp' as an example as it will help you find the folder later on.

8. Click 'Done'

You have now shared a folder on your Vista computer.

To access this folder from the other computer:

1. Go to START --> Network --> Then double click on the computer that has the shared folder (SNIKEY in my example)

2. The folders that have been shared by you should appear in the next window

3. Double click on the shared folder and enter in the user name and password for that account that you setup for the folder in step 4 above.

4. Provided that you have typed in the right user name and password, you should now be able to access those folders!!

In writing this, I am assuming that you have your network setup correctly and each computer is able to ping each other and that there are no 3rd party firwalls blocking access the other computers.

Hope this helps!!!! :)

I am new on this and you are helping me right now. My dad has a new business and I am trying to put together a file sharing setup. the main computer is wired into the router and the other computer is wireless. Teh wireless computeronly sees the other one for a few minutes and then when I close the folder, it disappears off the wireless computer. I need to be able to always see the main computer with the wireless one. can you help.