System is a custom build.
Intel d915pgn m/b
Intel p4 3.4 LGA 775
OS Windows XP Pro SP2
Soundcard (have 2 same problem both) 1-SB Audigy SE 2-SB X-Fi Extreme Gamer
Vid ATI 1950 Pro 512mb 600MHz
HDD (have 2) 1- WD 200 Gig Main Storage) 7200 rpm 2-WD Raptor 74 Gig (This is strictly for gaming) 10,000 rpm
2 DVD Players (optical drives in IDE slave/master, both work fine and can read media)

Problem is narrowed down to the following. The sound card is installed and seated properly. OS device manager shows multimedia audio device installed (no drivers). Try to install drivers from DM and windows is unable to find the software to install drivers, will install software. Try to install drivers from Device disk and software says devive not installed. Even tried pointing windows to the folder on the device disk that contains the drivers and OS can't find software for install.

Your guess is as good as mine. Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks in advance.....

If you can locate the drivers then try installing them manually, see if that works.

Or is there a problem with the windows installer? As you say OS can not find software to install the drivers then i think its the windows installer that might be the cause.

Have followed the directions that came with the sound card

Installing and Uninstalling Software
Installing Drivers and Applications
You need to install device drivers and applications before using your Sound Blaster X-Fi. The instructions below apply to all supported Windows operating systems.

After you have installed your audio card, turn on your computer. Windows automatically detects your audio card and searches for device drivers.
When prompted for the audio drivers, click the Cancel button.
Insert the Installation and Applications CD into your CD/DVD-ROM drive.
Your CD should start automatically. If it does not, follow the steps below:
Double-click the My Computer icon.
Alternatively, click Start My Computer.
Right-click the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive icon, and then click AutoPlay.
Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.
When prompted, restart your computer

I looked up your motherboard and you already have 7.1 High Def Audio integrated on the board. If you want to install a new sound card you may need to disable the integrated sound before the new sound card will work.

SO as compdoc said, if u do not install your audio card you should at least get the sound working on your pc. DOes that happen?


thanks for all the input - on board sound does work, just not real well for my gaming! It's looking like it may be a chipset issue on the motherboard...

which service pack?

intel integrated audio needs a windows hotfix and the audio and chipset drivers before it works properley

i have the sigmatel hd audio in a machine very similar to yours. works fine. Ive got it rigged up to my hifi and its awesome for playing FEAR