Background :

Hi recently I took a new assembled PC with Windows XP installed on it. I wanted to install Linux on it and i did so. But after that my Windows XP os was not working fine so I uninstalled Linux. Later on I could able to work on Windows XP os.

But I started to get some new problems.... after working a whole day on my system, I installed some softwares which asked to reboot my pc, hence i restarted my PC several times. But once i got a problem. "BIOS was not detecting any of the IDE drivers, i.e., HDD or CD/ROM" hence i was not able to boot the OS. After some time (1hour) I rebooted the OS and it was started to boot the Windows XP and started scan my hard drive, but it stopped after 62% of completion, it was not responding I left it as it is thinking that it would require more time to scan the drive. After 1 hour again I saw the status was same then again I restarted my PC, this time again it was not detecting any of the IDE drives(Hard Drive or CD/ROM). I confirmed the same by using the BIOS settings. But after couple of days again I started my PC this time I got the Windows XP booting, it asked for scanning the drives and I left for scanning. It booted the os fine and I was able to work.

I found that some times BIOS does not recognise IDE drives HDD or CD/ROM, I dont know why.

Please help me regarding this. I have 2 doubts

1. Does the WINDOWS XP giving some problem?
2. BIOS/mother board IDE controller has some problem??

Please help me out....

I guess no one has any clue about this!!!

Its been a week and no responses, so Im closing this as I did not find any help.