well i had 2 partitions. one is windows 2000 and the other is freeDOS. well installation of the 2 Operating systems was fine. its the bootloader that screwed things up
i install XOSL
however i think it did something to the partitons. I recal telling it to install on the DOS (fat32) partition. And it did that
however it showed me the list of partions to boot from.
what is the windows partion was called XOSL and the DOS partion was called no name
i selected "boot from original MBR" and got the m,issing operating system error
so did XOSL over ride my partiton settings? if so is there any way to get it back or do i have to start over with everything.

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Sorry, I don't have any experience with FreeDOS nor OXL. However, shouldn't the bootloader be placed in its own boot partition? (e.g. a 5mb or so partition at the head of the drive for the bootloader) ??

Next time please make the topic name more descriptive. Thanks.

Topic title changed. That ends that.

What was wrong with the Win2k bootloader? Can't you just put that back and everything will be just dandy?

If you need help with that, just ask :-).

Well, to the best of my knowledge, you can't use the Windows2k boot loader with an operating system such as Linux. Is it the same with FreeDOS - FreeDOS supports drives such as A:\, C:\, etc. right??

i just went ahead and wiped everything out. seems the bootloader had a nasty bug in it and it screwed up the partions.
Freedos can use the windows 2000 bootloader but it can be a bit tricky

because of how i installed it the boot loader needed the creation of a image. this image had to be made and seeing that it was much quicker to instal XOSL, also XOSL has better features, i used it.
I can use the DOS fat partion for its install. and thus i used it. however i used a new beta, bad idea, and for some reason wiped out and re-wrote all partions

I'm a lil confused. I don't have much experience with boot loaders other than Grub or LILO for Linux, and I've never used FreeDOS. When you say you wiped everything out, you mean that everything's working now?

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