after a bad xp download, im at the recovery consule, after fixing my set-up it now asks for the administrators password, it dosent have one. every time i just press enter, it says invalid ! ive tried none, administrator, guest, my name, blank, after 3 times i have to re-start it. i even have a utility for password reset, it says the name is none. what do i do help!!!

Where did you get the PC from. Maybe it is XP Home and it doesn't have and admin username, or it's XPpro and someone renamed it.

Do you not have the option to put in a user name as well?

Format the Drive?

only the admin. password i cant log in now, like i said i have a password reset utility it saye none for the admin.password when i run it im stuck. if i try to re start it says i need a system 32 something or other the console fixed it but i cant log in after the console fixed it

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