Recently I bought a "Win-Stars" digital webcam for my Windows Vista (desktop). After installing it, I saw a box that claimed that the camera was installed successfully and that my computer needed to restart. I did so, but I did not find the device anywhere in the computer after it had restarted. I looked in the intalled programs in the control panel, but I did not find it. So i installed it again, restarted the PC and still the same problem. I tried installing it a third time, and then it wouldn't recognize it as a new device anymore, because it was installed already. When I install new devices, it is usually highlighted in the Start Menu. This one was not in the start menu, nor in the control panel. I know that it's probably in my computer somewhere in there, but I just can't find it. Where should I look? Please help me.
Thank you

did you make sure the software that came with the cam is Vista compatible?

AAAH no no no, it's not !!! :(

Well that explains it. THank you so much for replying JonathanD.

Still, why did it recognize the digital camera and say that the device was successfully installed in the end? Shouldn't it have rejected it in the first place or say that it is not compatible with this system or something like that?

The driver might be compatible, but the software to control and use the camera might not be.

Take it as a rule of thumb that most software that needs real-time operation will not survive a changeover to Microsoft's next operating system, unless multiple version compatibility files are sold in the package.