ok heres the problem:
I am running two hard drives each w/ XP Professional on them. I get my new 120 gig hard drive and get XP running on it etc etc. Its now time to format the old hard drive and use it for file storage. So i go into dos and do the Ol' 'format C:' (f: is my current drive for my new 120 gig and C: was my drive path for my old 40 gig).

So heres when the problem begins, windows goes ahead and actually formats the C: drive just like it said it was going to and right at the end as soon as it reaches 100% it craps in my face and says "oh btw we cannot delete this partition" and its just like it didnt format at all.

WTF Plz help.


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How did you go into DOS? With a dos boot floppy disk? What was the specific error? The drive isn't NTFS, is it? (Gee, of course it's not - otherwise DOS wouldn't have recognized it at all)

Try using fdisk. Otherwise, use a partition manager such as PowerQuest Partition Magic - great program; unfortunately, you have to buy it.


haha buy? i think not.
i got into dos becuase i have a dual boot right now and im trying to get rid of one of them. both hard drives are NTFS.

ill keep those programs in mind. and actually my dad said to use fdisk but i figured he was old and didnt know wtf he was talking about...


thanks for the link. i tried snoopoing around microsoft help but i guess iwasnt using he correct search words

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