I am currently running Win98 and want to use Win2000. Questions about this......
1. Can I just run the install? Like when I put the rom in... just go with it.
2. If I go with (1), will it uninstall win98 and just install Win2000? Or will Win2000 lay on top of Win98?
2. Will I need to find drivers for all my hardware & components? Or will windows 2000 automatically have the basic ones...like CD-Rom, Floppy..??

I have babbled alittle with tech issues on this computer and know how to fix some problems that have arised. But this is something new that I want to try. If I mess up, its ok. I still have my other computer :) So any advise will be greatly appreciated. Thanks....

Just run the win2k installer from within win98 and you can choose to either do an upgrade which will keep all the same settings and whatnot or do a clean install which will allow you do dual boot into either OS. You probably should download all the win2k device drivers for all your stuff and throw them on your drive somewhere just incase win2k doesnt have a driver for your nic or modem or however you go online.

It would be best if you did a clean install...back up your documents and such, run FDISK, format the drive, and then install 2000, although, XP is probably a better choice.


have to agree, the best way to do this is a fresh install, back up your data to a spare drive, format the drive you want to install on. and boot off the CD and install, then pull your data back over if needed..


from u r question i understand that u were using win98 nw+ u want to use windows 2000,for that u had 2 option
1:if u want to use win98 in feature u can install wintows 2000 in D drive as a fresh copy,but datas in D drive qill be lost
2:if u dont want to use win 98 again u can just insert cd of windows 2000 in cd rom and just upgrade,this makes upgradation of win 98 into win2000,