Good day fellow maties
I have a costomers travelmate 240 whenever I power it on I get no display/or very poor display[its as if youre lookink through through a dark tinted window].Anyways costomer says she got laptop in its current condition.I boot it up by using a normal pc monitor and works perfect.with no OS installed I try installing one then It gives an HD error not connected

when I boot it up with its own lcd it sometimes gives four beeps or other times very dark display.

any suggestions or help greatly appreciated.
thanks guys

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looks like I aint gonna get any replies for this prob,as always.lol.
anyways,Ill post results as I move along for similar future users.

the four beeps is for low battery[silly me], research shows it could be lcd thats bugged but I want to be absolutely sure.So I think I might be able to install a OS.
wanna be absolutely sure that it is lcd.

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