I downloaded Directx 9.0c, started to install. The files got Extracted. When it started copying the files, Windows Logo Program said it wasn't registered, blah blah blah, This software will not be installed. Contact your system Administrator. I clicked Ok, then an error came up saying Directx could not copy a required file.

Now I believe that I need to disable the Windows Logo Program. So I searched and searched, but couldn't find anything that had to do with Windows Logo Program settings. SO, could someone tell me how to disable Windows Logo Program?

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I opened mycomputer ,hit the F1 key and searched this "disable Windows Logo Program?" and found this ,i think this is what you are looking for !:)

To set file signature verification options
Open System in Control Panel.
On the Hardware tab, click Driver Signing.
Under File signature verification, click:
Ignore to allow all device drivers to be installed on this computer, regardless of whether they have a digital signature.
Warn to display a warning message whenever an installation program attempts to install a device driver without a digital signature. This is the default behavior for Windows.
Block to prevent an installation program from installing device drivers without a digital signature.

To open System, click Start, click Control Panel, click Performance and Maintenance, and then click System.
If you are a logged on as an administrator or as a member of the Administrators group, under Administrator option, click Apply setting as system default to apply the selected setting as the default for all users who log on to this computer.


I did what you said, however I am still getting the same results. It's kind of funny, isn't Directx made by Microsoft? You'd think it would recognize it :-|


Are you talking the runtime or the SDK, and what OS are you working on (there are different requirements for either)?

I've installed both without problems on Windows 2000, except for the SDK installer crashing once (it worked fine after I started it again).


I have disabled the Windows Logo Program, however it doesn't help anything. I updated all of my drivers from NVidia. Is there anyway I can just delete this "Windows Logo Testing" program? :evil:

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