I am running a windows xp machine running sp2. One day after running spybot search and destroy it said it couldn't remove some things and that i should restart the computer and let spybot start before anything else so it can remove the file because it was obviously in use by somthing else. After the restart, i couldn't get into windows. I could get to the log in screen, but whenever i logged in, it would flash the desktop and then log off. I tried putting the drive in another computer running windows 98 so i could remove spy bot, but that did nothing. I also tried to boot into safe mode with command prompt to run system restore, but i couldn't get passed the log in screen. Do you have any suggestions that dont involve reinstalling windows?

well i do and dont this suggestion sort of meets you have way on reinstalling windows. OK so when you ran spybot it probably found something that was atached to windows component and deleted the component. What you need to do is run the xp cd and when prompted whether or not you want to reinstall or restore your current windows os you should choose restore. What this will do is reinstall any windows components that might be missing. You will not loose any personal data or applications.

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