Hi, I have been looking for the answer for a week on the net. Maybe I'm not stating my problem correctly. Here goes, I purchased Vista home 5/07(XP pro came with my computer, HP media PC m717on). Vista crashed on me with the last service pack update(I had it on auto download for updates). I lost my key code, so I decieded who needs vista anyway and rebooted XP from my recovery disks. I am on my computer, but my computer thinks I'm a guest, therefore I can't add my printer, download anything from the net, etc. I am worried about my virus updates and would like to be able to have my computer back. I thought my XP recovery disks would put XP back in full. Please advise.

What have you tried in "Control Panel", "User Accounts", "Change an Account"?

Yes, I have been there. My accounts are there, I just can't use them. When I log on this is what I get.

"Windows cannot load the user's profile but has logged you on with the default profile for the system.

DETAIL - Access is denied. "

Try creating a new profile as administrator and log on with that if it works OK delete the other account. Not you will have to use a different name (Add your middle initial) If you need a password, serch google, there 450,000 sites there to recover/change/delete your password

I created a computer administrator with a new name. When I logged on I had 2 desktop icons, internet explorer and a trash can. I still have none of my programs. BTW, thanks for your help. :)

If your programes are still there and working you can create your own icons on the desktop.
GO "Start", "My Computer", (open your drive "C", Programe Files", Right click the icon for your file you want on your desktop, scroll to "Send to" Click on create a shortcut (Desk top).
Do that to all the progs you want on your desktop.