Hi everyone,
I have been trying to restore my computer to an earlier date through the "help and support" shortcut on my Compaq and when I click on the shortcut nothing happens at all. I try to go into compaq tools and it wil not open. I try to go into "PC TUne UP and Repair" and the window comes up but its blank. I believe this started happening after an update.. I would greatley appreciate anyones help. Thank you.

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As I understand HP, (And I don't) your recovery files are on a hidden partition of your hard drive. Try,
Right click "My Computer" Icon
Click "Manage"
Click "Disk Managment" on left side
This will open a window showing you your partitions. If your partition is there it has not been deleted during an up-grade. If it is not (as I said I dont understand HP) it could still be hidden. See how much space is being used by your main partition "C" and how big you hard drive is and work out the diference to determin if there is space missing for your other drive.
try to restore through windows normal restore prog..
System Restore

1. Go “Start”
2. “All programs”
3. “Accessories”
4. “System tools”
5. “System Restore”
6. ensure “Restore to an earlier time” is checked and click “Next”
7. Select an earlier date when your PC worked well. (Must be a highlighted date)
8. Click “Next”
9. Allow system restore and reboot.
10. Check to see if problem still exists.

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