My desktop pc goes thru' the bootup process but stops dead in its track,failing to get pass the
bars where the windows flag logo appears!! I've only just popped a brand new cr 2032 battery into the slot.Error message 'please reset cpu frequency in cmos setup' shows! on startup screen.I still got a black screen!!! Help,somebody,please.

you should set your jumpers

Before sorting out the jumpers,the background to this dilemma is that:
The desktop used to perform fine.Until I purchased this new Asus Eee laptop,I stopped
using the desktop for some 6 mths.The next occasion it was switched on,it worked ok.I then started to reinstall win xp using the sp2 cd.The attempted install failed.I have never physically opened it up to change anything & I think it is a software problem.
Or could be the hard drive.

but you did install a battery so there's new hw fella

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