when trying to install radeon drivers i get an error that suddgest i first install standard SVGA drivers. how do i do this in windows 2000pro? i did a maunal update of drivers but i see no standard drives( like in windows98) any help is good. How do i install standard SVGA drives, currently have standard VGA running? Does anyone know anything about radeon card or dell?

I never heard of this before. You can't just download the radeon drivers off of the ATi website?

well this is off their site. both the dell and radeon drivers say the same thing.
man i am tired of people not listening to me, told them to buy a laptop from somewhere else. these companies make hardware so it cant be used on any other OS, and none of them offer the 'real' OS. its always that restore crap that installs a bunch of trash on a system. i went thru this with compaq too, except with soundcards. wish you could build your own laptops like you can a desktop

sorry, I'm CONFUSED!!

You say you want to install SVGA drivers but you only have standard VGA right now installed? Isn't that the same thing? SVGA = Standard VGA??

What happens if you tried to install the drivers now? I think they are just trying to tell you that your O.S. should have already detected the monitor and video card and installed these genetic drivers before you install the ATI drivers??

VGA= 640x400, 800x600 16 color
SVGA= 640x480 ,800x600, 1024x768 up to 256

what i am doing.
installing win2000pro on a dell inspiron 5100. reason
comes with preinstalled winXP, the winXP they(and most everyone else) gives you is a restore disk. This means it is not the true OS. it is setup by them, not allowing any custimizing. it also loads many programs that are plain not needed or useless, thus eating ram. these tend to also make the system very unstable.

so as a rule i always with a laptop clean and start witha full version of the intended OS.

everything works except 1 thing, the display drivers. it uses a moble radeon 7500. however whn installing both drivers i get an error that states "error in inf file" then it recommends i install a basic SVGA driver first. first off it is an odd thing to say. i have used many other video cards and non have given that message. so i need to know how to install a basic standard SVGA driver in win2000

win98, when told that u want to select from a list, gives u the option to use standard device drivers. win2000 only gives a list of companies and there drivers. this laptop, and its card are newer than win2000 and winXP so those windows version will not have built in drivers. also most built in drivers are dumbed down and need upgraded anyway

sorry, I'm CONFUSED!!

You say you want to install SVGA drivers but you only have standard VGA right now installed? Isn't that the same thing? SVGA = Standard VGA??

Isn't SVGA = Super VGA?

SVGA is super VGA
in order of relase

SVGA was relased in early 90's(maybe late 80's) now there are many standards. SVGA is a basic supported by all current video cards

please someone out there, i really need this to be done. does anyoe know how to install basic SVGA drivers in windows 2000

What I'm confused about is that SVGA drivers are the DEFAULT when Win2k detects a new video card. Can't you just use the Add New Hardware wizard in the control panel?

thats what i am saying.

first it uses VGA not SVGA they are 2 different things

second standard display adapters are NOT listed in add new hardware. it is all companies. windows98 had a list of standard drivers, win2000 does not. so i need a basic SVGA driver for windows2000

sadly i have discovered that Dell will not support any other version of windows. ahh the benifits of capitalism in the US. the hardware will not work with anything else. however i am sure someone out there will crack this BS in time.

no i want to download it please

Svga driver is available only for 64-bit operating system
can anybody tell me where i can got s vga driver for 32-bit os for inspiron 1564 laptop?

just go to the computers website for instance ibm,dell compaq go to their website and download their drivers

if you have windows 2000 and if you install windows xp it gives you a better resolution wich it has the svga drivers. hope this helps

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