i have just installed a printer on the network. the test print went fine. however other applications will not print. they give me an error about unable to print. This is wierd because the printer is detected and working. the test page went well and i have it set as the default printer.
system printing from
win2000, AMD athlone4 1.2Ghz, laptop, word2000

system with printer
AMD k63 600Mhz, 64 MB ram, windows98SE, printer is a compaq IJ750

I have installed the correct drivers and all. any ideas??

- Make sure that the printer is shared over the network so that both computers have access to print to the printer.

- Make sure that Windows98 drivers are installed on the Win98 machine AND Win2k drivers are installed on the Win2k machine.

Can the Win98 machine print to the printer just fine? And it's just the laptop that has problems? Make sure the network cable is intact and working.

Check the Printers section of the control panel. Ensure the printer is listed there and not showing any errors. (It should say "Ready" to accept print jobs). Try doiing a test page again to ensure that everything's working. Make sure there is a hand under the printer to ensure it's being shared.

Does the printer driver tell you how much ink is left? Does it tell you about pritner features? If so, then you have a bi-directoinal printer (most printers now) and the networked computer can not use the bi-directional capibilities. Try finding a place in the driver to turn off bi-directional features, I know my Lexmark Z11 drivers have them (I think the Compaq printer is a clone of the Lexmark series).