Multiple IE windows start on my machine and then I get "out of virtual memory" error.
Can somebody tell me how to stop this?


1st How much physical Memory(RAM) do you have?

I think I should make my question clear. The problem is that the IE windows start by themselves, and I am not sure what does that.


Multiple IE windows start on my machine and then I get "out of virtual memory" error. Can somebody tell me how to stop this?

More information, please. Which version of Windows are you running? Are you on dial-up Internet access or always-on DSL or cable? Are your Windows Update patches up-to-date?

Virtual memory is usually (though not always) a reference to the swap-file on your hard drive. Check to see if your hard drive is full, or nearly so.

Are you running a virus checker and firewall? A firewall is needed if running broadband Internet. You may be having a spyware/adware infestation, as well.

Awaiting more info...

Are these popus.... WINDOWS ADDS?
or is just your browser going to your homepage?
(suggestion)Type services.mcs in the run command pannel and make sure the messenger service is turned off or got to and hit on XPservices

Here is more info:

I am running Windows 2000 pro using dial-up.
Windows update is up to date.
Hard drive has plenty of space, so it is not that.
So like you said it maybe spyware infestation - I can hear increased disk activity when starting up and the system is much slower too.
I am afraid for my privacy/security if that is the case.
What is the best way to detect and remove the offending programs/files?


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