my status monitor is greyed out - the printer works but one cannot see the ink levels - is there a fix for this as I have reinstalled many times in various ways but no luck [ I have turned the anti virus off]

If it is a new printer you can not see the ink levels as they are only a promo set of ink. You will need to purchase your new ink before it will display ink levels. Well that is for my cx5500.......

yours must be different to mine as I have purchased new ink and no change, besides the monitor worked first up before I reformatted the hard dive and reinstalled XP

Ok, try doing a full uninstall and re-install. If that will not work try uninstalling it and re-installing in a different location, "C" My Docs.
If you run a good registry cleaner like CCleaner ( ) after the uninstall and before the re-install, it should remove all traces of it from your PC and then a reinstall should work.

how do you install to a different location as I do not appear to have any choice over the location. Yes I do have CC cleaner but have not carried out the suggestion of yours, but will do so - heres hoping

Most progs ask you during the instalation if you want the prog installed on "C:/programe files" if you just click install that is where it will go. If you select to change the location, it will load where you direct it.

this set of drivers does not ask or give any installation options

Mine is the same for the instalation. Maybe someone here can tell us how to change the set up to get it to install some where else.
Did you uninstall and then run CCleaner? That should make it un necessary to install your printer else where.

I ran CC Cleaner 5 times plus Reg Cure & REg Seeker the same number of times until nothing was left ie. all mistakes corrected or garbage cleaned and then reinstalled the latest drivers and bingo it is fixed. Thanks for your suggestion Bob_180_Bob

You are more than welcome, glad I could help you. Please mark this thread as "solved".

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