With all The windows 7 hype going around I was thinking about downloading and installing the beta. First off, would I be able to keep Vista and my computer as it is intact or would windows 7 overwrite what I have going now? I guess what I'm really asking is if I don't like it could I go back to what i have now with no ill effects? Secondly, would I be able to chose which OS I use and when I use it? When I turn on the computer in the morning, would I be able to play with 7 for a while and then restart and get some work done with Vista? Lastly, does anyone know of any major problems with 7 (please leave out personal biases, I only want to know stuff that either will happen or is very likely to happen to my computer)?


If you can create a partition on your HDD you can setup dual booting where you will be able to select what OS you want to boot into. Or if your computer has plenty of RAM you can setup Virtual PC and run Windows 7 on a virtual machine. With either of those you can easily remove 7 when ready.
Major problems with 7... I am sure you will find problems. It's a Beta.

im running 7 as well, the only glitches i have found is that sometimes sound cuts out and application needs to be restarted and some times it loses its connectivity to the net and the system requires a restart

How do you set up a partition? That sounds like it would be easier than keeping track of ram.

The principal steps are as follows:
Make sure you've got at least 20GB free on your HDD

Contract one or more of your partitions (if you have more than one) to give the 20GB needed for Windows 7. More if possible.

Add another partition (Partition Magic 8 will do the job) and give it the 20GB or more you've freed up from elsewhere. Give this a drive letter & format the drive.

Install Windows 7 as a dual boot system onto the newly created drive.

If anyone wants to spell that out in detailed steps (they're welcome). But there's plent of step by step stuff available via google search.

Thanks, that sounds like it should work our really well.