Whenever I click on a download button, the downloading thing pops up, everything is normal, but...

Estimated Time:
Download To:
Transfer rate:
Is all empty, and usually there would be numbers.
After like 2 minutes a new window would open and say(exact words):

Internet Explorer cannot download (whatever it is I'm downloading)
Internet Explorer was not albe to open this Internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again later

And then it has a little OK button.
This has been going on for like 2 days, and I also can't listen to music on youtube, or aol. I can't play those online games.
Someone please help me!

Which OS are you using?

Have you tried downloading from a different website?

If you are able to download files from different website then definitely there is something wrong with this perticular website.

Either this link is corrupt or the link has
been removed from the website.

When you click on the speaker on your computer ,do you hear any sound?

If you dont then make sure that the drivers
of your sound card is installed properly.

If they are, then make sure that there is a check or dot on "Play Sound in Webpages"
under Internet Option in Advance----->Internet Option---->Tools--->IE.


- The page you are viewing is in cache, and no longer exists at the original site. Clear your cache.

- You are out of hard disk space.

- The reserved internet cache space is too small for the file you are trying to download.