I setup a Brother HL-2270 on a PC running Windows Vista Home Premium. I went into Network Sharing Center and enable printer sharing and removed the password. I also went into Control Panel > Printers > sharing> Security and allowed ANONYMOUS LOGINS and EVERYONE access to print. The UAC is enabled. The problem is, when I try to find the printer with a Server running Windows Server 2000 I cannot access the printer. It says I do not have permission to access the printer. What am I doing wrong?

Try this...it works when you need to connect a Vista Machine with a printer on an older machine, it should work in reverse...can't hurt to try!!

First find out what your printer path is to the computer with the printer. \\ComputerName\PrinterName. Those two names are generally seen when you pick a shared printer for any print job, in the choice box for picking the default printer or the fax or some other local printer, etc. You will need that pathname

Next, from the Windows 2000 computer download the driver executable file from your Printer Manufaturer's web site and save it. Then run this to get the drivers established onto your system...the software should instruct you to connect the printer at some point...sometimes you do need to have the printer connected beforehand...depends on the vendor. In any case, get the printer working connected directly to your computer.

Next, re-connect the printer to the original network computer and on the machine where you're going to Add the Printer from the network goto Printers and click on Add Printer. I know we already did it. Sometimes, even when you accomplish this next step, you still have to go and add the printer again thru the Add Printer > Add Network Printer routine, even though we're NOT going to do that at this step following...

When the dialog asks for Local or LAN connection, choose Local (even though it's a network printer) DESELECT Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer.

Hit Next and you will choose Create a new port and choose Local Port. If you see that the following box has your printer already on that port, you can come back and choose Use the following port and choose your printer. But, if not...

It will ask for the Port Name You should figure this out before starting the printer wizard but it's \\ComputerName\PrinterName.

If you've put the correct path name in that box, you will be given a choice of printers from which to choose. If you've already hooked up to the printer, the downloaded files will have been registered in the database and your printer will be there, even if it wasn't before.

Go thru the normal process of choosing drivers and downloading and then Finish and restart you computer. This process will override system processes that will not load the printer for various reasons and will even work when connecting a Vista machine to an XP network printer.


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