Hi I am new here so if I have posted in the wrong area I do apologize. I hope I can do this without confusing everybody. here goes; about six months ago I got a cannot display page message while trying to access a website that I had previously accessed on a daily basis, I tried everything I could to resolve the problem to no avail. 3 weeks ago I decided to try the site again and it worked, I reestablished my account and had been happily playing on the site daily . Yesterday my internet service was interrupted for non payment, I reestablished my internet service this morning, tried to access the site and again got the same message : page cannot be displayed. I called my service provider and they went through numerous things on my computer and determined that the problem was on my side, which I really dont understand being that it worked prior to them shutting of my service. Does anybody out there know how to fix this problem ? My service provider is Verizon dsl, I use internet explorer and have also tried mozilla and the website that I am having a problem with is : www.monkeyroyale.com. I seem to be the only person on that site that is having these problems. Please please help me.

Thanks so much!

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It sounds to me that you might have a virus that attacks your mostly used sites.

Go to the "Viruses, Spyware and other Nasties" forum on this site and follow the guidelines and steps offered on the "Read me before posting a request for assistance" thread.

If all that fails to clear the problem, then post a new thread on that forum. Remember to describe the problem on your thread title (please help!!! won't do) to get proper help.

take care for now


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