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Not all drivers and software will work. It might be safe to say that most will, but just depends. By now there should be updated drivers for Vista for most products, just check before you update.


Vista is called Vista
Longhorn is Vista, its codename was longhorn and I believe released Vista as its official name before the first beta

typically an xp machine will be slightly faster and the slight few games that have problems on Vista still, should work on XP

I wouldn't say it better than xp, but most issues as far as drivers and compatibility have either been resolved or have a workaround


Longhorn is called vista now, not vise versa. Longhorn was a working project name or codename in the early development stages (the first closed Beta I played with still said longhorn, I think).

If you have a new system using a directX 10 video card vista can take advantages of features that xp can't, if you have an older system or cheaper card that's still using DX9 or lower, you'll probably benefit more from the lower overhead of XP. Most programs (including games) will work with vista, as well as most of the critical hardware (network, audio, video, chipset, ect,...) drivers but very few pre-vista peripherals (printers, webcams, tuner cards, ect,...made before vista was released to the public) have drivers.

If you have particular software or hardware that you NEED to have look into it's compatibility on a case-to-case basis and keep a dual-boot with XP if you to have your cake and eat it too.

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