Hi, I'm using Windows XP (SP1) and IE 6. I have this odd problem with my IE windows. If I open a link or a window that contains a particularly large number of images, the window will load the images until about halfway (say, 30 out of 100) and then the status bar will indicate that is loading an image (and remains that way with that one image it is stuck with), but no more images will appear. Ie : (30 items remaining) Downloading picture http://......jpg...

Moreover, if I click any links in the 'affected' window that will lead to a new window opening, these new windows also suffer similarly, even if there is only one image to load. If I continue to try to use these windows, every other page I visit will display text only, not a single image will appear. The spaces where images were supposed to appear do not show blank boxes with Xs though. It just remains in a still-loading stage.

However, if I close these windows, and simply open a new one (double clicking the IE icon on the Desktop) these new windows can load whatever it was that the 'affected' windows wouldn't, but if I try to visit the same page where the problem started in the first place, the whole thing repeats itself. Other pages with a minimum/average amount of images work perfectly fine.

This problem started after I formatted my PC. Out of annoyance, I have just re-formatted it again, but the problem persists. This is not the first time I have formatted my PC, but I have never encountered these problems before, even with the webpages that seem to initiate said problem. Please help.

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