Hello everybody... I want to connect my vista servers with my linux servers...
I have entered my samba commands for the network on Linux... Now I want to enter
the vista commands to see my linux network or vise versa.... Please tell me
what to enter...thanks much... Do I use the old network/////?????? line????
Why can't they come up with a more simple syntax for all windows users... like: Which would be more simple... Do u have to
put the workgroup in there for Vista?????? Why doesn't Linux have a workgroup id
like vista... Some stupid questions on my part.... I have a book on samba...
Maybe I should read it... There are companies out there that sell software to
link up linux and windows....But I don't want to pay 1000 dollars to get the link...
So that is why I am on this site...Hope u have a fresh answer to my problem...
This is an old age problem for Linux users...

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