My problem with my system idle process is gone, thanks in large part by the suggestion of Big Ben to update my drivers; it still hiccups, but not as much.

Onto my latest and greatest dilemna.

I play a game called Day of Defeat, and perhaps some of you have heard it, maybe you haven't, but no worries. You could say I play it pretty avidly, downloading things to customize it and whatnot, however, whenever I go to run DOD.exe, my monitor goes blank, and I get the message "Input Signal Out of Range".

Now, I know this deals with resolution and/or refresh rate of my monitor. The resolution in the game was set at 1024x768, just as my desktop is. Still doesn't work. I try running it in 640x480, no help. I tried fixing the refresh Hz rate of my monitor and it still does not help.

I uninstalled it, reinstalled it, installed it into a different directory, and still I get the same error message from my monitor.

I have heard that I might need to go into my registry and manually change the settings for what my system does when the game is run.

Any suggestions?

-Thanks in advance.

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try to load the game into safe mode, the resolution the game is trying to use isnt aviaible for your monitor / video driver combo

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