Whenever running Windows XP and then quitting InterNet Explorer 6.0 an annoying error message always pops up. It states that "the instruction at :0x03813758" referenced memory at "0x03813758". The memory could not be "read". Click OK to terminate the program. This is a really annoying pop up that was been occuring for over a month. I am wondering if anyone has a solution to this problem?

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I dont run IE6 for my browsing or anything, but whenever pop ups come up and i close them that message comes up


Yahoo DSL... same thing

What you are probably experiencing is resource depletion. Are you running Windows 98?

I have SBC Yahoo! DSL, and have installed it for others. The main problems:

The Yahoo! browser is a front-end shell that uses Internet Explorer on the back end. This means that you have a bloated shell on top of a bloated engine. This is resource Hoover number one.

Next is the so-called Quality of Service (QoS = "good" spyware--heh) software that SBC installs, all of which is bloatware. You will want to remove those programs from the Startup list.

For example, I did a full SBC Yahoo! DSL install on a friend's machine running Windows 98. By the time I installed the full package and ran the Yahoo! browser online (with nothing else running), over 80% of the SYS resources were being used (a dangerous situation). Running a virus checker and a software firewall in addition used up all resources, causing a system crash. I guess they figure that everyone is using Windows XP... If you are using Windows 98, you can check resource usage using TinyResMeter http://perso.accelance.net/~pesoft/trm/us_trm.html Which can be set up to monitor GDI, SYS, and USER resources (the first two are the most useful).

There is a solution to the overall problem.

1. Download and run CodeStuff Starter (thanks, Big BA):


Go to the File menu, select Save As Plain Text, and post the result. I will step you through the startups that you can safely disable or delete using the same utility.

2. Use the "regular" Internet Explorer, or Mozilla. You will lose the integrated Yahoo! stuff, but gain your resources back. I mostly use Linux, and I don't miss the Yahoo! stuff, anyway. There are other ways to get that functionality; the Google Toolbar works great with IE and blocks pop-ups, and the My Yahoo! page does the rest.

If you run TinyResMeter again, you will see that your resource usage is much reduced.

By the way, SBC DSL works great with the Knoppix Linux CD...


Same as above except that mine is instruction at "0x02a3fb80" referenced memory at "0x02534660" The memory could not be read. Click OK to terminate the program.
This is after browsing with either Explorer 6 or 7. I updated to 7 hoping the problem would be solved, but it wasn't.

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