Hi it's not really important because the problem seemed to solve itself but I just felt like knowing the reason.Yesterday night I couldn't browse anything to sign into msn for some reason.I couldn't ping with my isp either.When the normal error message popped up from msn messenger,I saw the hexadecimal thingy-Ox8100051 after the message-which is strange.I have never seen that.It's annoying.
Also,I'm having problems with opening downloaded programs.Everything I've download-folders to be unzipped- either says " this is not a valid win32 application" or " There was a problem sending command to the program."
and I'm having problems with my chattign too I can't chat in palces where I need the java-applet.I tried downloading from sun's website but it get's stuck in the middle of the setup process and the same thing happens when ie automatically tries to download the java virtual machine.

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I'am having the same problem updating nero and adaware programs,error message this
is not a valid win32 application. not runnning any firewall that I know of unless roadrunner has one in service.

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