Not 100% certain this belongs in this section but anyway:

Over night, my computer downloaded the automatic windows update and restarted. Once I logged back on, my browser would not connect to the internet. I knew i was online because I was running AIM. I restarted my computer and I was able to connect my browser to the internet. Soon after, about five minutes or so, it would not connect to any websites again. I tried doing a system restore but every point I went to said "unable to restore to this point". I didn't have this problem until my computer updated itself. Could it possibly be a browser hijack? If so, I could post a hijackthis log. Any ideas?


NOTE: while writing this post, my browser would not connect when I hit submit. I had to restart my computer in order to connect back to the internet.

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yeah, an HJT log would be good...please post it in the Virus, Spyware...etc. forum! Can't hurt to take a look...


I'd go to add/remove programs, enabling "show windows updates" and remove the updates that you just installed. If that fixes the problem you should reinstall one-by-one until to avoid the update causing the problem.

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