How do you re-intall a video driver when you have no interface to work with?

please be more specific. For example, you can definitely install a printer driver and then hook up the printer and load it, or a video driver and then connect a monitor. What kind of interface do you mean?

How do you re-intall a video driver when you have no interface to work with?

hi,if you are referring to the problem you are having with the computer not showing on the monitor ,i think you need to make sure that computer is working ,windows would use a default video driver ,and load and show big icons ,like as if you were in safe mode !!!,if no drivers are installed for you video card

well basically this is whats happening:

The PC boots normally into the user area and displays the desktop with all icons as normal.

Then it just keeps restarting and cycling.

When I go into safe mode all the scrolling text turns orange and it hangs.

I've tried inserting the XP disc and trying a OS repair but the txt turns orange and hangs.

As I expect this is a video driver problem I was wondering if it's at all possible to re-install the driver with basically nothing on the screen to work with (because it either hangs and everything goes orange or just retarts.)


if computer won't stay running there is no way to install a driver that i know of !
sounds more like a video card fault ,not just its drivers

if it screws up even during the windows instal ,it sounds like a hardware fault.

How can I tell what hardware is playing up without paying a fortune to a pc repair company?

Thanks for your replies, much appreciated!

try another video card and / or monitor.