Hi. My computer has a file in C://Windows called 'wndllsys.exe' This file, since it's licated there, runs on startup every time. Selective startup will not work (Automatically re-ads itself to the accept list). Now the file simply brings up a window with some.. Er... Rude text, and gived the option to close or 'ok'. Either one shuts down the computer. All I need to know is if there's a way to delete this exe file while it's running, or somehow quarantine it. The program does not display itself in the CTRL-ALT-DELETE menu. Any help is much appreciated.

PS - I do have Norton Antivirus 2005, but it does not detect the file and I do not see an option to quaranteen any random file. I am running on Windows 98.

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Exit Windows to DOS mode... Will not work in a DOS window

or Boot into command prompt only... F8 on power up...

Manually delete the file...

At the C:\ prompt

Type: cd windows then ENTER
It responds C:\WINDOWS

Type: del <name of file> then ENTER


You can probably also delete the file when booted into Safe Mode; it's most likely that the file won't be running in Safe Mode.

There's a larger issue though: you're obviously infected, and it's highly likely that the wndllsys.exe file is not the only "unwanted guest" on your system. You should have a read through the threads in our Viruses, Spyware, and other Nasties forum to find out how to check your system for further infections. If you find that you need more help along those lines, please start a new thread in that forum, as that is where we deal with those sorts of issues.

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