I had to put a new Motherboard and CPU in a computer after the motherboard burned out. The current installation of XP will boot in safemode (only as far as cursor, no icons) and get past the splash screen before a quick BSOD and restart in standard mode.

Big surprise, I know. I don't really want to have to do a repair installation to correct driver issues, but I know it's likely. I'm just wondering if anybody has a manual fix that doesn't require this by editing registry from MiniPE, deleting driver files, ect,...

Any help would be greatly appreciated since I'm going to have to do a repair install after work so I can take this back to my friend tonight.

A repair is is probably going to be the easiest way to go. It should only take less than an hour, but screwing with indiviual drivers and troubleshooting could take all day.

Less than an hour for the installation, but after updates and a whole lot of obscure drivers for this system, I'm not excited. But that is my fall-back plan.

In normal mode the screen turns blue only when ntoskrnl is executing. The kernel initialises the boot drivers loaded by ntldr after examining the currentcontrolset key for the order, then loads remaining drivers and services. If there are no error codes on the bluescreen than it could be ntoskrnl.exe that has the problem. Surely if it was a driver issue then there would be a code? - the sys doesn't have an LKG to fall back to after the failure of an important driver, hence the restart. Or it could be a registry problem.. You could try replacing the kernel, other than that it is a Repair to fix the reg and/or drivers.
An installation on my sys takes about 20 mins [a very fast optical drive...]. Pity about the updates.
Just a thought... you might try a bootable memtest. Here... the dl version is free, creates a disk.

Repair install is kind of broken in XP. Tends to totally kill windows update.

Happiness is a Format/fresh install ,you will be the happy one.
Time spent now will relieve conflict headaches later !
I use to believe the repair was an option once ,but not anymore