i have a problem!

somehow i opened all my programs as torrent files.
i deleted the torrent program, but the programs are in unknown application and don't work.
i can't install new programs, cause they don't open. - mozzila firefox
everything comes in the same unknown application...
i am just a stupid blondie with poor English, so please someone explane to me what to do...
the system restore doesn't work,
thank u so much!!!!!!:icon_mrgreen:

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maybe i should just add that my buttons don't work, so i can't restore the system and can't open the program correctly.....


Try going to tools - folder options - view tab then unselect hide extention types for known files. now all your files should end with .xxx

ex: file.exe

now you can right click on the file and go to properties and towards the top of the window it will say opens with: and to the right will be a button that says change.

when you press the change button select the program that matches the extention.

ex: .doc = word

thats the best way i can think of, hope it helps.


Thank u so much !!!
i will try this...
yes, the problem is with the exe files...
i am looking for the right resolution....

p.s. are u a believer?


well, it sounds little like u are taking an idea from The Bible, so believer in God... Christian...
i liked that motto a lot, i will steal it.....


I reinstalled my Vista and now it is working perfectly. Thank you so much for your help!!!!!

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