My computer is saying:

Diskette drive 0 seek failure
Primary drive 0 not found
Primary drive 1 not found

And i dont care about anything on this computer so i just want to clear it all off and get it working again!

It is Windows XP Professional. And the computer is right next to me and i can do it as you are telling me.

call Dell tech support,its free

Yeah. Seems to me that your hard drive is kaput. You may have to pay for the new HD though, if the system isn't under warranty.

Yes but your IDE cables appear to be disconnected so I don't think you will be able to reinstall anyway.

Disconnect your machine from the power, open the case and make sure the cables are connected correctly.

If the cables are connected successfuly your BIOS settings might be corrupt so hit F2 when you get that message and then press Alt+F, Esc and then choose to save the settings.

How old is your Dell?

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