Attached is a picture of the setup error and the log file I get when trying to re-install Windows XP. Windows will not let me go any further in the setup process but I don't know how to get rid of this "existing software" error. The message below says a program will start and to allow it to complete. But no program does start. How can I fix this problem? Thanks!


Windows XP Upgrade Compatibility


Existing software was not fully installed. To fix this problem, click Details.

Microsoft Windows XP has detected software that is not completely installed on your computer. Windows XP Setup cannot continue until you finish installing this software.

To finish the installation process for this software:

1. Quit Windows XP Setup.
2. Log off of your computer, and then log back on again.
3. After you log on, a program will start immediately; allow it to complete.
4. Restart Windows XP Setup.

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That error isn't exactly uncommon, but there can be a number of reasons for it.

Are you performing a new, fresh re-installation of XP, or are you tring to reinstall "over" your existing installation (an "in-place" reinstall)?

I am trying to to re-install XP Pro on top of an existing version of XP Pro. The new version has service pack 1, so it's a must for me to get installed.

I have the same error message when I try to reinstall Win2k. There is no program that runs when I log off and back on. I tried to install XP Pro hoping that would fix it as an upgrade. Same thing. I prefer 2k because I am familiar with it, but its broken and in need of being rerun. Someone told me to type msiexe.exe in the cmd prompt but that does nothing for me.

In upgrade situations, the error you're getting is often triggered by "stale" entries in certain subkeys of you existing Registry. The entries are usually loose ends left over from previous upgrades/installations that didn't quite finish up cleanly, and deleting them can allow your current install to continue

Read some of the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles for possible fixes (when going through the articles, keep in mind that the error is not specific to "XP"; the particular fix you need may be in one of the articles related to another version of Windows):

Thanks. While I did take a gander through that MS database, I seem to have missed it. The link you gave had several MS references. The first one had info regarding a registry entry on the run once thingie. Yes, Norton struk again.


That key had symantec trying to start up and I never got any indication on my boot that it was doing so. However, after deleting the symantek key (or I would presume any key in there for others with this problem) the install disc of win2k ran just fine.

After reinstalling, my problem of web browser script did not go away, however, I did finally figure out that removing Web Washer made the difference. So, I have not installed winxp, I am back on win2k, and I am happy as a clam.

Thanks so much for your help.

However, after deleting the symantek key (or I would presume any key in there for others with this problem) the install disc of win2k ran just fine.

It's funny (or not) that it was Norton's RunOnce entry that was triggering the error; I've run across many other reports where it was also the Norton RunOnce entry that was causing similar problems/errors.

Anyway- you're welcome; glad we could help! :)

Emptying out RunOnce key fixed it! Now I bcan run XP upgrade again without error stopping it!

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