I made fresh installation of Windows XP Pro which previous times went without any troubles. However now I'm getting error 0x80096010 and I'm not able to install any software, if I try I get message such as "Extraction failed. File is corrupt."
I tried to check certificates as many discussion forums recommend but did not succided yet.

What service pack?

If you havent got SP3, you need to download Windows Installer 3.1

This is fresh installation with SP2 only. I did not want to add anything extra after I got this error

Progress, I found SP3 on my external hard drive and install it. Now I'm able to access Update Center

does it still give you the error?

Getting new error 0x8007007A :@

You followed microsofts instructions by installing SP2 before SP3 right?

SP3 doesnt include SP1 (sp1 is unsupported now) , so if you install it onto XP RTM, it causes wierd problems.

Did you use clean media or a slipstreamed one?

SP1 is laready included on the Windows installation disk so no problem.
I think something went wrong in installation process and there is only one thing to do, re-install again :(. All these weird errors coming from Microsoft Update do change once I'm able to download any of the downloads. Unfortunatelly beside Microsoft Updates I was not able to install anything else and I do get error of corrupted file for what ever I try to install fresh downloads or copy from back-up DVD or external disk.
I will try to install it on my second HDD

I am no expert here, but I had the same type of problem some weeks ago, but with different error codes. The problem and situation was exactly the same, did a repair install on XP Pro sp 1, and every time I tried to update from the Microsoft update center, I got errors, the page could not be displayed, various error codes, could not install anything. Could not even download anything.

After about 3 days of studying the various error codes, I followed some advice to just do a chkdsk using the following command in start>run>cmd:

chkdsk c: /f /r


There were many problems solved by above cmd, and after that I was able to update without any problem, and install without problems.

I don't say this will help here, but it may be worth a shot before you re-install again?

Issue solved!
Unfortunately none of the above wouldn't help. Problem was in "hardware configuration". Even having enough memory 1GB it is bad idea to run installation on only one memory stick if you have 64bit processor. Lucky for me not being happy with only 1GB I ordered new memory ,2x1GB, on Sunday which arrived today (Tuesday). I re-installed XP and there have been no issues of:

  • updating system
  • corrupted files
  • incapable of I/O reading
  • or any other performance issues

wierd. should have been fine. Ive got xp home on a system with a 64 bit enabled pentium 4 and a single 512mb stick of RAM