I received a mail from matchmaker.com yesterday telling me that they have found a match for me.I believed it because they used a very familiar name...so here is the message:
" Congratulations --

You matched through SecretAdmirer.com!

To find out who you matched with, and to see if your
admirer wrote a "match line" to you, please come to
this internet address:


You can just copy and paste this URL into your Web
browser, or click on it if it's highlighted.

By the way, replying to this e-mail won't work. To
read your match message, you have to come to the
internet address above.


SecretAdmirer Staff

*** SecretAdmirer.Com --- The Electronic Cupid *** "

I went to the redirected site and a message asked me to click on a small icon to enlarge the card and see who has sent me the card.After the card download completes , my avg virus scanner says something like that a trojan dropper called yabindar.c has been found in my ie5 temporary files.I don't know why avg couldn't heal or delete it.I wrote down the path where it went like c:/mydocuments/username/locasettings/ie5/temporaryinternetfiles/yabindar~c something similar to that but there's no such folder called local settings in my username folder...i got the problem fixed but just to let everyone know about it.Interestingly,when you are in that xs3 page , check the html source and you'll see that the picture has been taken from a powow.com homepage.you go that homepage and you'll find his hotmail add too.I'm not sure if it's a setup or not. .com sites like matchmaker would never borrow a pic from a personal homepage.

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Yea.. before you download stuff if check if its a .exe file.. if it is more than likely its a malicious file (assuming its not a installer for a program.. but for like an ecard etc thats not normal ;))

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