When I boot my Acer laptop (Vista Premium) it shows the progress bar during startup but does not show logo afterwards. Then blank screen loads with cursor in middle and nothing else. You can move cursor around. I have tried chdsk and startup recovery tools but they don't work and I don't have a system disk handy also same happens in safe mode.

Cheers Matt :?:

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hit f8 repeatedly at start up and chosoe safemode - can you log in that way

have you done something to it? like modify it in order to theme it?


Tried safe mode with no luck, still shows black screen in safe mode and my friend says he hasn't changed anything. He said the only thing he noticed was it asked him when he shutdown to install updates and he left it to do its thing.


Cheers for the advice. That's what I am afraid of.... Never mind I will just have to find a system disk and run a repair.

Regards Matt


Well, we eventually got that laptop fixed by doing a re-installation from scratch. But guess what, someone else comes to me with a Toshiba doing the same thing, so I tried usual stuff, in the end it resulted in me re-installing Vista again. Does anyone know if this is a common problem with vista?

Any info greatly appreciated.

Cheers Matt

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