Hey to anyone who could be of some help to me. I have a problem. I just bought a new case (a custom xoxide one) and transferred my mothermoard and everything else into it. I also updated my memory while i was at it. I put 512 DDR 400 in it cause it was running on 266, and that wasnt fast enough to allow the cpu to run at full speed. It's an Athlon XP 2800+ and its on a Machspeed N2PAP Lite boad. Well anyhow i started it up and the computer goes for no more than 5-30 seconds before it shuts down. It won't start back up unless I remove the power cord for a second and then plug it back in. Does anyone know what my problem is and how I should fix it. I have some computer know how so i should be able to follow most instructions. Any help would be greatly aprreciated. Thanx

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The first thing that comes to mind is heat conduction between your CPU and the heatsink...

Since you probably took the fan off the cpu during the swap did you mess up the heat transfer pad/goo

Check your CMOS settings for CPU heat temp shutdown...

Do you have a utility to monitor the temp ?


I did take the fan off... Messing up the thermal grease could cause that??


It is just something you should check...

Not much to go on here...

I assume you tried it with the old ram and had the same problem...

Plus, be careful about too much grease.. Don't go crazy...

Just a nice coating at the contact point and make sure your fan/heatsink is seated and not cocked or crooked..


The only other thing that comes to mind is your power supply...

If you were marginal before and are now pushing it faster you could be pulling more power but swapping the old ram back in would have eliminated that possibility...


Thanx alot man. Will try... Wish me luck. Thx again for the help.


No Problem, I will get a cup of coffee while you go and check it out...

I will hang around to see if we can get you going...

Must have my morning fix....


I assume you are up and running and busy playing all of the new games you got for Christmas...

I will check back later in the day just to be sure...



Alright so should i just put another coat of grease on?

You can do that, just be sure to clean the old layer off with alcohol or something similar.


this could be the new ram you put in, it could be faulty, as ram does cause random crashes

in the bios, do you have the clock speeds etc set to by h/w otherwise you could have your pc seriously oc'd which could be causing it, i wouldn't of thought it would cpu overheating if you havn't got it oc'd.

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