Well, I have a Toshiba Laptop with a recently downloaded Windows XP(Home Edition) Service Pack 2.


I can't right-click most things anymore. As soon as I click it, the computer freezes up, and then a message comes up(look below):


The computer is still frozen up, and doesn't close until I close a process called drtwsn32.exe(look below):


After that EXPLORER.exe refreshes, and then I am back in control of the computer, but the problem will happen again if I right-click anything.


I am not exactly sure what the cause is, but I thinks it is the Windows XP Service Pack 2. The problem started after I installed it, and then rebooted my computer. I really need help, I can't delete files anymore either. Even with the delete command from right-clicking, nor form the delete command on the keyboard. I really need help.

You most likely have DiVX loaded on your laptop. The current version of DiVX apparently has problems with SP2, and will cause Explorer to crash out when you right click. DiVX people are working on this now.

You can get more information, as well as instructions for a 'workaround' at the forums at:


Good luck to you, hope you get things fixed up quick. :)

(Sidenote to others who are interested, this appears to have something to do with Data Execute Protection, or DEP, which, as I mentioned in the SP2 sticky topic in this forum, seems to be causing at least some problems for people, and the workaround involves disabling DEP in the boot.ini file).

Thank you alot, I removed Divx and now my computer is good again. By the way, you can still have the Divx Codecs installed, they don't effect anything, but the rest has some problems. Sorry for not looking at the post about "before installing SP2", but I made this topic before you posted that(atleast I think). Well, thank you alot for your help.

Anytime, I'm happy to have been of service. :)

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