Are There Any Software To Create Partitions On A Usb Pen/flash/thumb Drives???

I Am Basically Interested I Breaking An Exsisting Partition On My Pen Drive.

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can you not just use the tools native to Windows XP to do this?

If it's even possible, that should do it for you.


Windows Partition Manager Does Not Reconise It 2nd Partition.

Actually, The Pen Drive Was Partitioned Into Private And Public Areas.

So The Windows Only Recognises The Public Part, Not The Private One.

I've never heard of public and private partitions.... What tool was used to make partitions previously on this drive?

bascially, the software partitons the drive in to 2 parts-one which is public and can be accessed by anyone,and the other which is hidden and requires a password. its just like classes in c++.

that software no longer recognises the partitions and so the window's software.
i had recently formatted my hard drive and forgot to remove the partitions , and so, now my software doesnt recognise the partitions

please help

This site sucks. No use to look for helping info or tools. LOL

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This thread is from Oct 22nd, 2004!

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