Hello everyone, i have recently installed a video card, and i wanted to connect my computer to tv so that i may watch the movies i have on my computer on my tv.

I told windows to use the 2nd monitor and extend my desktop to that.

The only problem is that the TV is displaying everything only in Black and White colors.

I'm thinking this could be a setting or something that i am missing?

I am using a converter that came with the video card, that converts s-video to the yellow rca cable. Which i dont think should be the problem because it came with the card. So i don't know what else to do. I have tried everything, even an S-Video cable.

Any help would be great. Thanks guys!

in no particular order:

1. test the TV on something else. if it is still BW then the settings are in the TV somewhere (likely), or it is a BW monitor (unlikely)

2. plug the other monitor (the one that is working fine) into to GPhx card, if in colour then TV, if BW then card.

3. it could be that cable. either plugged in wrongly, ie in the wrong order - or it has a fault.

4. load the software that came with the gphx card and reboot (ifnot already installed) the settings vary a lot between cards, but you should find a, icon in the taskbar (by the time and date) for your card. go through all the settings that you can find and see if you can find it in there. set everything - check the profiles if it has them.

5. is the colour turned down on the monitor?

6. faulty card?