when i start PoS (point of sale) running win2000NT i got error
***stop: 0x0000007B (0x0000.......

Stop: c0000218 reistry file failure system\system32\config\software cannot be loaded or corrupt

I dont have CDRom drive how can i repair my windows can anybody help me.....plz.........

tricky. see if you can boot into safe mode with command prompt.
No? Then now is the time to visit a friend with your harddrive under your arm, cos we have to copy a few files from a backup repository in your sys.
[what the error msg is saying is that your registry is a bit corrupted, and a bit is usually quite enough.... when you installed windows xp a couple of files were automatically stored as backup - these are the ones we wish to use to replace your corrupt \software file [and others..]. Naturally your sys will be taken back in time, but it will/should work, however a few applications will need to be reinstalled]
There is no simple fix if you cannot get into safe mode... you gotta be able to get hold of a cd drive, or another xp OS in another puter.

No i never format my hard drive, the problem was i was running some vb software and it was hanged in between so i forcibly closed the computer by pressing power button, but when i restart it its givng me Stop error 0x0000007B ..........and so on. i tried reparing/reconfiguring windows2000NT by putting USBCDROM but it fails. giving me the same error. check your hard disk may be corrupted try using chkdsk /f/r ......... and so on i dont know what to do i have some data which i want very badly hope i will have some suggestion from you people

Ok. It's neat that you can use a USB CDrom, and that you have the install disk. I want you to insert the disk and start Recovery Console [when you are prompted to repair or recover, press R].
First run checkdisk to see if there are any repairable errors - type and enter...
chkdsk /r -if any errors are reported then ...
chkdsk /f - and when it finishes restart your puter to see if it runs.
No? Then go back into Recovery Console. Let's start with the file that is mentioned in your error msg:-
C:\Windows\system32\config\software - we must first make a copy of this with another name, and then delete the original from its folder, so in recovery console type

cd C:\Windows
md regtemp
copy system32\config\software regtemp\software.bak
delete system32\config\software
copy repair\software system32\config\software

-which will take you out of recovery console. See if your computer will start.
No? Then you must follow the same procedure by removing these other 4 files from \config into regtemp: system, sam, security and default; and then copy the originally saved files from \repair folder also [these are all the registry files saved by your system when you first installed it - if you have not since updated them. Most folks don't...]
...so just substitute those filenames for software in the above. You can try a restart after each substitution, or better still do them all at once.

I dunno why i typed all that, the M$ version is here.... http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307545
See how you go. If it gets up you may have to reinstall any software which does not work. But in any event your important files are not lost - you can slave your drive in another machine and just copy them out.

Hey guys i have solve this problem by re-installing the operating system win2000 through the external cdrom drive. I am happy to inform you that i have recovered the data by attaching the corrupt hard disk to another Pos as a slave hard disk and got the data copied and then i format and re-install win2000. and everything is now ok.

Any way guys thanks a lot for your co-operation.