Hello.I'm having a problem with installing any type of softwares.I tried to download Imesh,it didn't work.The download was complete but an error message said that the installation couldn't be initialised(CRC).It's not that my softwares are old they are new...how can I solve it ? Also...anything I'm downloading as zipped files,I get error messages like corrupted win32 application..im lost and it's important..tia

Windows 98 or Me? (and if Me, could you do a system restore to before the problem started?) Problem just started happening or has always had problems? Hardware specs?

Camel are you sure you got all those viruses out off your box .
Viruses corrupt many of those files.
It sounds like your using ME(guess) any how are you installing a game?
Check to make sure your vid card is in tight.

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