Hey you guys,

I have a 98 (not se) computer and three other xp computers (one of which is a file/printer server for the house). All of the xp computers see the network and the other computers but the 98 computer does not even see the network. i also tried file://putmyip/ it says the ip address and it says not logged on. any help would be appreciated

Thank you

I am still hungover from last night but do you have a user setup on the 98 machine with the same username and password as a user on the xp machine?

I assume you have firewalls set correctly or have dropped them to test this setup...

Where is my Bloody Mary... Argh.....

Sorry I need to close my eyes before I bleed to death....

In Microsoft Windows XP you can make a network disk and install it on other networked computers over your network.. They will ask to make the disk when you open the "My Network Places" windows and on the left hand side find something called "Join A Workgroup" I think. I running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edtition with a domain.. SO going back on topic when you make the Network disk run it on all networked computers and networking problems should be gone.... :)

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