Hi, Just wondering if anyone could help me completely remove adware and potential viruses from my computer..I have run Ad-aware Spybot-search and destroy, avast, and AVG- all up-to-date. They find problems and I remove those, but It seems new ones appear, ie Ebates, Dyfuca, FastClick, etc etc..Please any help to completely remove these would be great.

I am on a friends computer so ignore my signature PC specs, the correct specs for this PC are:
Windows XP SP2
Compaq Presario S4000NX
2.4Ghz celeron
DSL 1.5mbps

ignore specs below this text.

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try EA Armour from www.ca.com ... it has a free 1 year licence ... and its good too. You'll find a spy ware remover on the site too.

I had this problem a while back and what I did was switch off windows restore while I did the scan, when scan was finished and I could reboot and the PC was stable I switched it back on and re ran the scans and nothing was found.

Some you cannot remove as they are part of Yahoo and Google cookies structure. Particularly Double-Click.

Hi Jupiter
If you use spybot, malwarebytes and occasionally the microsoft malicious software remover they get cleared, even double click

yes but Double-Clickgets dumped back on when you use google or yahoo. There are also many other search engines and email providers using Double-Click.

DoubleClick.com || PrivacyPlease note that DoubleClick's privacy practices as described below do not apply to the privacy policies or practices of other DoubleClick affiliates ...

Try a find in regedit - "http://" and see what they refer to.

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