I've got a friend who keeps getting a link posted in his profile everytime he signs on.

The text is like "Whoah look at what I found!" and it's some link to a site.

He's tried deleting it and restarting, but it comes right back. Also I told him to sweep his comp with ad aware to clean out his registry. That didn't work either.

Any suggestions?

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I was having this problem as well. Someone told me to do the following, and so far it has been working:

This just happened to me today, but the file that causes the problem is in C:Windows and its named "b.exe"

If the remove thing didnt work, there will be a running process named simply B. End that and then delete b.exe and all the copies it makes of itself (I know it sometimes puts one in program files)

edit: also, i found this website. everyone has said that this works:


I've never heard of this virus/trojan, but it's advised to also search through the registry to find any references to it.


Found the solution:

Go to Start
put it regedit
double-click on HKEY_USERS
double-click on S-1-5-21-2832471526-3054548624-236718858-1003
double-click on Software
double-click on Microsoft
double-click on Search Assistant
doulbe-click on ACMru
Click on 5604
Then delete b.exe and b

That should solve it.


a friend of mine had this in her profile and i went to the page and got the fix from the page, then i ran adaware and it hasnt come back. a few people i know also have it

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