I installed a Samsung LCD TV to my PC because my old monitor wasnt that good looking, but i cant manage to change the resolution from 800x 600.

In my old monitor i had at least 1 more resolution option. 1028 x 800 would what id like, so anyone knows how to do it?

more info:

Im running windows XP
My graphics card is an NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model64/ model 64 Pro
Pretty old but in my old monitor it ran 1028 x 800.

I also updated my drivers.
humm also when i go to properties> config, my monitor appears as Plug and Play.

Help really needed :(

Unless I'm mistaken, you'll either have a TV drivers disk or you can download one from the Samsung site. That will at least enable Properties to see your TV used as monitor.

Next, to get beyond 800x600 which drives at 75Hz vertical refresh rate, you need to set the refresh rate in Properties to 60Hz. Then the maximum resolution of your TV should be available.

Your graphics card won't be the issue (although you are limited to RGB rather than digital input to the TV).

i looked throught the manuals and stuff and there were no TV driver disk, but i found something that may be the limitant, it says optimum resolution for my model is 800x600

model is LN20S51BP if it helps

Like I said, you can download drivers from the Samsung web site.

You didn't say which manuakls you were looking at. But the Samsung LCD TV is capable of a wide variety of screen resolutions in PC connected mode.

I'm reasonably confident that you can get 1280 x 1024 at 75Hz vertical refresh. This is what you should set in Nividia Control Panel or Display properties. This mode is supported in your graphics card for sure.