Hi there not sure if i have posted this in the correct forum. I have a problem adding a reg key to another computer. It works fine on my computer but when i transfer the reg key via flash drive and put it onto the desktop it appears as if the file is not supported? When i right click to check the properties to see what application it opens with it says unknown application when it should open with reg editor? Im kinda stumped here. Any ideas? Hope i explained the problem ok:?:


Open my computer,

from the tools menu choose Folder Options,

on the file types tab, scroll to REG and click on it to select it,

check that in the lower pane it shows Registry Editor as the default program for.reg files.

If not click the change button and choose Registry Editor from the list,

click ok, and click ok,

that should sort it.

Thanks for the reply i tried what you suggested and it was already set to open with reg editor (strange) but still it refuses to open

Hi i managed to get the key so that it will now open with reg editor but when trying to add it i get a message similar to "The specified file is not a registry script". Can anyone help with this as its driving me mad??


No cant get it to work but thanks for your help anyway

would you mind terribly putting up the file so we can check that it is the correct format? just rclick on your particular .reg file, select open with notepad, and paste it here... and add your opsys version info.

Yeah no probs here is the key in notepad format :

<Snipped at user's request -'Stein>

Hope this helps

crikey, i don't know what font that is. as an example of a .reg file for adding/modifying a key in XP here is one i exported at random:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


- to add a key to XP you must have Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 as the top line i the .reg file [or you can use reg add], then a single line space, then the key.... which should be in a plain text?

How would i get Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 onto a computer that doesnt appear to have it?

XP? it would have it... the files are regedit32.exe [the GUI version] and reg.exe [command line version]. Both would be installed, but there is a key which can block it.... HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System : DisableRegistryTools should be set to 0 to enable regedit... but the trick is to actually do that..... and i am not at all sure i should post the method because someone has deliberately locked down regedit on that machine...

No probs thanks for your help anyway

chopper... sometimes i assume too much, like if you are wishing to edit the registry, even by simply importing a key, that you know what you are about. A .reg file has a very specific structure; the text heading Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 is an identifier for regedit32 - it tells the editor that what follows is a registry command [or series of em..], the entry itself must have a very specific structure detailing the command action to take, plus the path from the hive right down to the key, the name(s) and data value(s). It also has to be in a plain text and font. Your post had none of that. I have no problem with your copying software keys, but there is a real problem with that "file". You don't have to use the command export, but it saves a lot of typing.
Btw, the easiest way to test if your puter will let you use the reistry editor is to go start > run, type regedit, and press enter. If you see the registry open on screen, you have full access. May I suggest you google some training?